Washington DC gives Musk’s company greenlight

Elon Musk’s Boring Company has received a permit to start digging in Washington DC.
Image credit: The Boring Company

Barely two weeks after the launch of the Falcon Heavy, Elon Musk is in the news again – this time because his Boring Company has received a permit for preparation and preliminary excavation of a site in Washington, DC.

According to the Washington Post, the Washington, DC Department of Transportation has issued a preliminary permit for the Boring Company to start digging at an abandoned lot in the northeast section of the city, the first step towards a potential underground hyperloop between New York and Washington, DC.

DC Mayor Muriel E Bowser visited the Boring Company this month in California, where the company is busy digging a 3.6km test tunnel beneath the SpaceX headquarters, to learn more about the technology.

Bowser’s chief of staff, John Falcicchio, says, “We’re just beginning… our conversation to get an understanding of what the general vision is for Hyperloop. We’re open to the concept of moving people around the region more efficiently.”


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23 Feb 2018

By Robyn Grimsley
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