Sew-Eurodrive SA motors towards export success

The entire order was dispatched to Zimbabwe by Sew-Eurodrive South Africa on 28 pallets in a single long-haul load truck. Image credit: Sew-Eurodrive

To comply with the increasingly stringent requirements of energy-efficiency class IE3 in the European Union (EU), Sew-Eurodrive SA introduced the new DRN series as its standard range of electric motors. This is of benefit to the OEM’s cross-border customers, who must comply with international ‘green’ requirements. Recent successes in this regard include a major order for a Zimbabwean tobacco company.

Since its official launch at Electra Mining Africa 2016, the DRN series has found steady favour in a range of industries and applications for its energy-saving and productivity-enhancement attributes.

The new DRN range effectively sets a benchmark for energy efficiency in the industry as customers that buy gearboxes from Sew-Eurodrive South Africa automatically receive IE3-compliant motors. This was the main selling point with the Zimbabwean project, which saw the tobacco company move away from competitor products to standardise on Sew.

“What opened the door for us here were the main technological advantages of our motors, namely the premium IE3 efficiency, together with the IP 65 rating and Class H insulation, which makes these units ideal for the application,” says Sew-Eurodrive South Africa export engineer Philip Steyn.

A feature of this project is that Sew-Eurodrive arranged the transportation as well, with the entire order dispatched on 28 pallets in a single long-haul load truck. “We tend to assist with the transportation, especially on the export side, as this becomes part of the total cost,” Sew-Eurodrive South Africa export head, Marcio Sicchiero, points out. “This is a major cost driver that customers often do not consider.”

Commenting on the lead time of the units, Steyn stresses that the local stockholding has been ramped up significantly to effectively cater for such large projects. “This is a distinctive competitive advantage for Sew-Eurodrive, together with our backup and maintenance service offering, which gives our customers the assurance of optimal productivity at all times. We are having to think smarter and look to customers’ holistic needs in terms of a total solutions approach.”

The DRN series is testament to Sew-Eurodrive’s commitment to innovation and technological development, to help its customers reduce their overall costs. Spares replacement is also a key service offering. “We do not only supply complete units, but assist with spares provision as well, with many of our spares being ex-stock. This is of particular importance in terms of selling into Africa,” says Sicchiero.

The premium energy efficiency of the IE3-compliant DRN range is resulting in export success for Sew-Eurodrive South Africa. Image credit: Sew-Eurodrive

11 Oct 2017

By Robyn Grimsley
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