Opening the door to future utility

SpotMini is the latest headline-grabbing robot from Boston Dynamics.
Image credit: Boston Dynamics

The company that brought us the backflipping robot has done it again. This time, the Boston Dynamics video shows a four-legged, dog-like robot using a mechanical arm with a pincer on the end to grasp and turn the handle and then hold open a door.

Harking back to the DARPA robotics challenge, the task of opening a door is one that has been in the robotics field for a while, and arguably an important one if we want robots to be able to take over tasks traditionally carried out by humans in potentially hazardous situations.

Hey buddy, can you give me a hand?

See Boston Dynamics’ dog-like robot open a door.
Image credit: BostonDynamics



20 Feb 2018

By Robyn Grimsley
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